Monday, July 10, 2017

7/3/17 Two weeks left and still teaching

We walk up to the door of an investigator. this will be the 2nd  time meeting with her. Previously we have given her a Book of Mormon. we knock. she lets us in, we sit down, our purpose in being there was first to invite her to a members home for smores. The conversation begins, we are laughing and enjoying each others company. We further explained to her what we do as missionaries. We lightly brought up baptism, but her previous comments made us unsure of inviting her. There was silence,  the spirit spoke and she asked us a great question "What do y'all believe about being baptized again?" This stunned us for a moment. we needed to be careful what we said and how we said it. We explained "Being re-baptized is not bad. But we need to look at the example of our Savior. We learn that He was baptized by John the Baptist. Not by just any other man. He sought out John the Baptist. Why? Because John the Baptist had the authority from God to baptize in His name. Therefore once Christ was baptized by that authority, He did not need to be baptized again." the spirit was so strong,  and she said "that makes sense. I've been baptized twice. Once when I was a little girl by my dad, and again when I was a teenager. My heart was sincere when I was baptized again, but it didn't feel complete. And I think it was because it wasn't by authority." my jaw dropped and we invited her to baptism and she accepted when she knows the truth. As we left, she said "Well before my kids get home, I'll read that Book of Mormon." I was awe struck. It is a testimony to me, that baptism is essential. And that my purpose to invite others to baptism. I love it. Every time I do I feel like an instrument in the Lords hand. I've never been asked that question before, I have learned that the spirit does give us the right thing to say at the right moment when we seek for it. We had no idea what to say. I've never taught baptism like that before. but I too was taught by the spirit. and I am grateful that the Lord strengthens me even when I feel weak. 

Hey y'all!! this week was such an emotional week. We got dropped by 4 investigators. and we dropped 1 since they were not progressing. so it was been a huge finding week. 

We've made it a goal to talk about baptism more in our lesson, and to be more obedient in inviting everyone to baptism within the 1 or 2 lesson. We have been doing a good job with it. I actually have a story about it....(clears throat)

One more story: I was walking to take the garbage out this morning. and my companion was getting something from the car. I pass a man at the dump this was our 20 sec conversation.

me "Hi!"

him "Hello, I'd like to go to your church."

me "................uh, have you been to our church"

him, (as he climbs into his car) "No, I'd like to go to your church."

me "oh!"

him "I have to go right now, I live in that building, 2nd floor."

me "ok, what number?

him "25"

me "great we will come see you. Bye!"

sooo....we will be seeing him tonight....I didn't even get his name haha!

Other cool stuff this week:
Missionary Leadership Council happened
Block party at our members and were able to meet lots of great people there!
Our English class is great!
We had a family search booth again at the farmers market and that was a success!

Big storm hit us last night was we were tracting haha
and I'm happy:)

I Know that God lives, and that he loves us. I know that Jesus Christ can and will redeem us. I know his gospel is a gospel of salvation. I love the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I'm grateful for my family and friends and companions. I'm so blessed to be where I am and to be who I am because of My Redeemer. I pray that you all will strengthen your relationship with him throughout this week through prayer and study and service. In His name, Jesus Christ, Amen. 


Sister Pollard

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