Wednesday, June 7, 2017

5/8/17 Bible Bash and Baptism covenant

Hey everyone!

This week had some interesting things happen:) I have pictures to tell the stories but sadly....didn't bring the cord with me to upload maybe next time:)

But I will tell you a couple of things as always!

some randomness:
1. Got bit by a dog for the first time! he bit my hand. I'm okay. 
2. A puppy pooped on me! so nasty
3. Beautiful bike rides. (we do 2 exchanges a week and each exchange we get on our bikes because I love it so much!)
4. Did service, and I tried climbing a tree using a broke. and I had a good fall. 

Story time:

Here in Bentonville they have what's called First Friday. Every First Friday of the Month tons of Venues get together and sell their stuff on the square (downtown). It is a huge event and everyone comes. PLUS it was a film festival too, that week so it was packed! Well we decide to go and talk to everyone! (Keep in mind I am on exchange so this sister and I are semi new with each other) we walk down this sidewalk and meet these young adults passing out "Why did Jesus Die" pamphlets. Of course we take one and strike up a Gospel conversation with them. It started off alright, but then it turned into a Bible Bash. They could not accept the Book of Mormon and started to pull out so many bible verses to prove that Joseph Smith was not a prophet. Usually, I avoid bible bashers because  it doesn't resolve anything. It's Just a competition of "who knows the bible better" but it's not good to fight Gods word with.....Gods word. That is not what God's word is meant to do. But the strange thing is, is that these kids were genuine about their questions, we talk, and I turned to and listen to every point they had, and I can honestly say I SEE WHY THEY ARE SO CONFUSED! I can understand why they wont accept the Book of Mormon. Yet, I can also say, they have not tried reading it and asking God for truth. They said a whole lot of things that made me sad like "you can't trust your feelings" When we know that the Holy Ghost speaks to us by feeling. "Baptism is symbolic not necessary to be saved" when we know that "No man enter into the kingdom of the Father expect he be baptized of the water and of the spirit." they had a great conflict with grace as well and what salvation is. Well anywho, we did our best to answer their questions, but they were really trying to prove us wrong and save us. (which I got very intense about.......). but then one of them asked me my favorite question "Why do you believe in what you believe?" I shared with her my testimony, but then she asked pointing at my name tag "No. What makes you believe in what you believe? Separate yourself from the church, and tell me what you believe." No one has asked me to separate myself myself from the church and really ponder on what I believe. Remember, when I was baptized I promised God I would take the Name of Christ upon me. By this I show I am willing to be identified with Him and His Church. When she asked me that, I smiled and said "You can 100% associate me with this Church, because I KNOW that this is Christ's Church." 
I honestly don't know if their hearts are softened. but they want to meet with us again. For more bible bashing? I don't know. but I know in what I know. We walked away from that spiritually exhausted. I couldn't get it off my mind for DAYS! But through prayer and reading the Book of Mormon the spirit of peace embraced me again. 

I urge you to remember your Baptismal Covenants. If you have not Been baptized I invite you to read the Book of Mormon and look for the importance of Jesus Christ and baptism. 
I love this church. I love this gospel. Because I know it is true. I know that Through the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ restored His church so that all can have salvation and find peace in this world. I believe it. I live by it. Nothing will change it. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Sister Pollard!

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