Saturday, April 29, 2017

4/10/17 Service where needed.


In all honesty, this week was different from the rest. 
My dear companion has major back pain. She kept putting it off and we got the beating of it this week. After 3 doctors appointments and countless hours in bed, we finally got her to see a physical therapist today. We will be doing that right after we are done emailing. 
So in all honesty, most of the missionary work this week has been serving her. Things were great Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, but then came tragic Thursday, frustrating Friday, sad Saturday, sanctifying Sunday. 

Let me see if I can explain. Tuesday I was on exchanges. Wednesday (still on exchanges) my companion calls me and tells me that the pain in her back has reached her legs, she struggles walking. no biggie, I thought, we will drive this week and make it work. Well Thursday hits, and she is immovable. we get her to see a chiropractor. That was the wrong choice. She came out of there feeling more pain than relief. Now she is losing hope. Friday I get her to see a doctor at Mercy. They just gave her some medication. Saturday we endure, Sunday we endure, and now today, hopefully the physical therapist can do something. 

This has been an experience,  we've had to get 'creative' in missionary work. But most importantly I needed to serve, love, and comfort her. She was so distraught-but I would be too if I couldn't move my back. I've been blessed at the same time. God has given my patience and charity to endure this pain with her. Never did I get frustrated with her needs, or tell her to suck it up, when normally I would. One time, she layed her head in my lap with tear on my skirt, and I just had to promise her that the Lord loves her still. I told her to hang on to my Hope and faith that she will be healed. I know she will be:)  

She has been handling this so well too, through prayer, continues to stay obedient as best as she can. she works until she no longer can work, and she serves me when she can:)

I know Christ is the Master Healer. He has Healed me. and I know that He continues to heal and mend me. I know that this life is a life more than just what we see. there is a God! And that is glorious news. He loves all of us. and this I say, in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen. 


Sister Pollard

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