Saturday, April 8, 2017

3/20/17 Faith as a mustard seed.

So this next picture is at 3rd Thursday. Every 3rd Thursday from like March-Nov. Main Street in Joplin becomes the hot spot. All different vendors come and sell their stuff. Like a farmers market or a mini fair....I guess. Anywho, we brought our own booth! And we found some success in it! The elders ran the booth and sister berry and I went out and directed people to our booth hehe, or at least we tried. Then we ran the booth while we waited for other missionaries to come and take it over. It was fun and a good time to do it!

We are teaching these kids. They are ages 8,7, and 6. 2 boys and 1 girl. Their grandmother is inactive but wants us to teach her grand kids about Jesus. The kids parents are not interested but they sure do like us. Anywho, we teach about 2 at a time every weekend. But this last week was a little different. the 6 year old girl was there but wanted to go home. The dad was there helping his mom (the grandmother who just had surgery). Well he calls up his other son the 7 year old and asks if he wants to be with the missionaries. 5 minutes later this little 7 year old runs into the house panting from running so hard. We really didn't think he listened or cared.  But we had a great lesson with just him, talked about faith and the seed in Alma 32. And he remembered everything! His sister came back with her dad to pick him up and he is telling his little sister everything he knows about faith and this seed and was really excited. It was adorable. We are hoping the parents will be interested soon so that we can focus on the whole family:) They are a wonderful family.

We really did have a great week! And the work is moving forward:) all is well! I'm excited to be in Joplin for 1 more transfer:) God is good!

Sister Pollard

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