Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2/20/17 Clicken Heels


Have you ever been so happy that you clicked your heels?? Or you feel so lucky that you click your heels like a little grinning leprechaun? No joke....we have been heel clickin for this whole week. 

Im not going into too much depth with it all, but lets just say we have had high spirits intense lessons and members doing more missionary work. We have walked into some pretty dangerous streets, did some good ole tracting, lot more bike riding. and better preparing:)

So heres some crazy thing.....we went to see a member that lived on Kathrine Rd. Shortly after we left, we got a media referral for someone living also on Kathrine Rd. no biggie. But then it happens again. We found ourself on Pennsylvania rd (not a safe street). After we left we decided that, that place wont be the best to be at night. Well an hour or so later we get another media referral for someone that lives on Pennsylvania rd. Lucikly they wanted to meet in the day. So now I'm thinking "hmmm anytime we step on a Rd. that we have previously stepped on, somehow we get a media referral. COMPANION! WE ARE WALKING EVERYWHERE!" hahaha we shall see how that goes!

Sad Story:( remember V........? I haven't said much about her. Well we go to her house, no answer "weird" we thought she is always home. There was this odd feeling there too, well we keep trying. one day we stopped by and it looked like someone took a hammer to her railing. So then we got really nervous for her. Then she finally returned our calls. Saying that she has moved,  and that's all we know. Weird, we thought, so now the hunt is on! Trying to find where she moved and if her and her girls are okay. Crazy. 

Ive learned a lot this week. but this thought keeps coming to my mind so I'll share it with ya'll. One of the things I've learned is the importance in my conduct and example. Especially for my trainee. She watches me closely, taking note of every word and every move. This past week I feel like I've often found myself in situations that are to test my leadership conduct. When it came to investigators criticizing us, talking to all different types of people, my response to inappropriate language thrown at us on the street, how well I read my scriptures, saying the right thing at the right time, when instructing the zone,  remembering the basics and so on and so forth. But here's the truth to it all. I don't know how to do any of that. But in all situations and more I feel a greater more divine spirit beside me. Teaching me the right ways, speaking the right words. Everything that I do and will do cannot be done right without my Savior. He is the Master of it all. And I feel so blessed to be one of His students. 

I honestly just want to testify of my Savior. Yes wonderful things have been happening, it's not because of me. God Lives. And God So loved you that He gave His Only Begotten Son for you. Jesus Christ gives me truth, strength, peace, comfort, joy. This world is going to be beaten by it's own destruction. But we are not of the world. We do not follow the ways of the world. We follow ETERNAL truths and principles that will bring us peace and joy in this life, eternal life in the one to come. And this is only possible and the only way through Jesus Christ Himself. 

In His Beloved Name, Amen

Sister Pollard

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