Monday, March 21, 2016

3-21-16 opening gates and hearts no walls this week

I am so excited to tell you about contacting that referral we have gotten three times! Sister Pond and I went out there last night with a ysa member Hannah,  and after we knocked and waited for an answer, no one came, so we decided that tracting/contacting was the best decision because we knew that we were suppose to be in that area. After we left the front porch and began walking down the street, a car started coming towards us. They stopped and found out that they are neighbors to the woman we wanted to meet, and they were just dropping off her son!  So we began talking to her son Erik. He reads the Book of Mormon every night, and is in 3 Nephi. He does a lot of reading online about the church from lds/ He knows that it is true, however his mother is fighting cancer at the hospital right now so he really doesn't want visitors. He just wants to focus on his mom, to make a long story short, Erik is a really nice guy searching for truth and holding fast to it. We are looking forward to meeting and talking with him again. He is alone right now, but he is strong, and we will stay in contact with him. It is just so amazing and God really makes things happen, if we were there earlier or later we probably would have missed our window, but just as President Maynes stated that all must play their role in the story and listen to the promptings of the spirit then the story begins to unfold. This story is not over yet, it is only the beginning. and Sister Pond and I are so excited about really becoming more pure in heart for the spirit so that every story unfolds just as God wanted!

Last night after we met with Erik we made a plan to find this other referral, Nichole. We have tried finding her in the past but came across a locked gate and no house in sight, so we left. But last night we came across the same gate and the sun was just setting so our daylight was very limited. We are out in the middle of nowhere and unsure if we should go through this gate. When in doubt, say a prayer. After we prayed about going through the gate or not, we received a confirmation to open the gate and drive on. Without delay, I got out of the car and opened the gate then closed it once we passed through. We drove about 300 ft until we saw a little house luckily with lights on. To complete this part of the story lets just say, if we hadn't prayed about "what should we do" we probably wouldn't get that solid confirmation to go through the gate, and if that hadn't happened we wouldn't have met our new investigator Nichole who is eager to take the lessons and loved meeting with us. 

I just think that it is so amazing how much freedom God gives us in His work. Yet, when we do His will, and plead for His direction, then we are lead right where we needed to the ears that need to hear of the gospel at that moment.

Other cool news: saw president Maynes yesterday!! he spoke to our stake and I talked to him a little bit after. he didn't notice me at first but it didn't take him to long to remember me. The conference was amazing! All about establishing Zion, and in order to do that we need to first establish it in our homes. I hope you all are doing it that cuz super important. haha

other big news, WE JUST BOUGHT OUR BIKES! I got a cute basket and bell to go along with it. Thanks for your help mom but I got it all here!! pictures of that next week!

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