Monday, March 21, 2016

3-14-16 Climbing walls this time literally

Highlights for the week

1. went on exchanges and when we left the apartment after lunch my companion, Sister Peterson, locked the keys inside the apartment and the car was locked. All of our stuff was in the car so we literally had nothing to get back inside the apartment to get the keys to go to our next appointment. Well, That was my first day I attempted to climb a wall (like Samuel the Lamanite) to get the the balcony and sliding door on the 2nd level, but i was way too short, I attempted though! We ended up begging an old lady to give us a plastic card and we carded the door to get it.

2. We had 4 investigators at church! We are really happy about that:)

3.Elder Renlund and President Maynes are coming to our stake to talk to this area on Sunday!! We are sooo excited.

Nothing to crazy or exciting happened this week, and days are starting to blur for me so .... happy face in the end!

It has been raining a lot and it feels so good! Not freezing but not boiling water!

Our investigators are doing well. and we are finding more to teach and are teaching skills are improving. The ward here is really great too. 

I made cookies during lunch!

Sister Pond and i made skirts last week with SisterBbarber and Sister Pond got stuck in here skirt. She made it a little to short so now it is my skirt actually haha

and we had a craft day with the relief society and so Sister Smith and I are trying to stick vinyl on a board but we are really just two impatient women trying to perform a patient delicate task. She's an incredible woman really:) 

There is a couple of exciting events that happened this week that I thought I should share.

1. Nancy (Name Changed)
We started teaching Nancy when i got here, so about 2 months. She is 45ish and was excommunicated from the church when she was 16. Shes been through a lot and put herself in a lot of awful situations and addictions, but she is ready to throw it all away and come back to the church. We've had our ups and downs with her-or so we thought. Her lessons have been great, we really connect and she feels the spirit and understands. Asks lots of questions but keeps every commitment we extend to her. Well she had an interview with the bishop about her standing with baptism. Through him was found out some things about her that we did not know. Next thing we know she is distancing her self from us and our lessons are not as spiritual. We are afraid that she no longer wants, to be baptized. For a week and half we lost contact with her,  and then a miracle happened. The sisters from our ward get together once a month and have a lunch bunch. They went to a restaurant where Nancy works. We told one of the Sisters, Sister Stapelton, that our investigator works there and to be looking for her. Cute short blonde name Nancy. Now this lunch bunch on average gets 8 women to gob but for some reason on this special lunch 18 women went to this restaurant. and Nancy was their waitress. Sister Stapelton recognized the name and description and after Nancy took their order she quickly spread the word of who she is and all the ladies got really excited.  At the end of the meal Nancy was receiver 18 loving motherly hugs from these women who didn't even know her. 2 nights later we knock on Nancy's door. She let us in and we find out that she has quit smoking and is still reading the Book of Mormon. In the church that Sunday she was there and sat next to us. but right after sacrament I lost her, but she was among her new fan club from lunch. She is still progressing and repenting. and I too repented for doubting and losing faith in her. I love the sisters her and I love Nancy so much!

2. The Anderson family
The Anderson family is a less active family with a son unable to be baptized (due to child support). sister Anderson is a strong woman but is breaking inside because her son is struggling with cancer and her husband is struggling with another illness and he no longer leaves his room but for doctor appointments. We visit with her and her son but never brother Anderson. Well one day I thought, why don't I just call his cell phone? So i did, he answered and we made an appointment to see HIM. I made that very clear. We went over the next night to visit, but he was still locked in the bedroom. I told sister Anderson that we would love to have him in on the lesson. He slowly but surely came out and we had a wonderful discussion. we found out that he hasn't read the Book of Mormon in over 2 years. So I told him that the next time we come, we will read the Book of Mormon together for 15 minutes. He agreed. Two nights later we show up on their door and there in their house is the Anderson family, each holding their own Book of Mormon waiting for us to read. Sister Anderson was happy that her family is finally coming together again and Brother Anderson looked like he just drank a glass of light, so refreshed and so happy. The son, Matt participated but we could tell he was worried with his next doctor appointment, but there is so much joy that comes from reading the Book of Mormon as a family, and it brings light. The Anderson family is witnessing that again:)

i love the Book of Mormon and I encourage all to read it daily with their family:)

Love you!

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