Monday, March 21, 2016

3-7-2016 working with "walls"

 I've been really thinking about being more creative yet effective in lessons. using object lessons or activities that apply to the principal we are teaching. I just feel like stepping out side of the box and use everything we have. 
Well today I was reading in Helaman about Samuel the Lamanite and how when the people wouldn't let him inside the city walls, he climbed to the top and delivered the message. I stopped and thought "HOW CREATIVE!" I wonder if I had that much faith and desire to climb up the wall and cry repentance, I want to have that much love for the lord and people to do that. Well we have our own "walls" and I'm trying to be more creative in getting over/through/around the walls that people put up. I'm still trying to figure it out, but it has been fun thinking of the ideas and putting it to the test. Ill let you know when something great comes from it!

Love you all thanks for the support!

I have to leave now to go sew a skirt so no pics this week but keep reading your scriptures!!! I cant stress that enough!

love you
Sister Pollard

went on a dog hunt.
great story. new investigator from it. oh and ya...awful yet great picture with it. 

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