Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4-11-16 Become as little child

A lot of cool things. A lot of sad things. and Just stuff in between

1. Transfer calls! Sister Pond is leaving but I am staying in Branson Missouri! However I am split training and really nervous about that, but it will be fun!

2. A random guy walked into the church yesterday during 3rd hour, had lots of questions, wants to learn more, willing to meet with us.....what???? Ya a great miracle, really excited. 

There is a scripture (more than one really) that talks about 'becoming as a little child' and Christ taught this to everyone. Sometimes I don't even know what that means or what that looks like. I understand children, the are so humble and submissive, and pure. Adults are not always like that. 
But I witnessed a child, being that incredible example that Christ wants us all to be. 

We me this family (mother and 4 children). Some might call this a broken home. We taught a few principals to this family, watched their faith grow, witnessed major fights and words that should not be said around children. I fell in love with these kids and my heart aches for them. We gave the mother a Book of Mormon and testified to her that the gospel of Christ can heal families. Her 10 year old son wants that. While Sister Pond was giving the mother an invitation to church and reading, I felt the spirit prompt me saying "give the Book of Mormon to him." (him meaning the son). I thought for the moment but the spirit was persistent. I quickly got up and sat next to the son and testified to him that if he reads the Book of Mormon he will grow mighty and strong and his family will be healed. He said he would read it. I told him it will be hard, but that we would be there to help him understand, he was happy. I returned back to the mother and before we said the prayer with her, I looked at the son and he had already begun reading the Book of Mormon. Never have I seen an investigator so excited and wanting something than seeing that young child . He did not want to wait. He wanted it. The spirit told me, leave your number. I wrote down our number and left it on their coffee table before we left. As we were walking out the door, the son looks at us with hopeful eyes and said "Will you be coming back tomorrow?" Tears filled my eyes and i said "maybe, we will try"

All things are well, but there is opposition in all things. The next day after inviting the family to church, they were happy, but an hour later the mother texted us and said she wants nothing to do with the church because she doesn't believe in John Smith. Since there are a lot of anti Mormon stuff here people get Joseph Smiths name wrong, and she was attacked and fell for it.  Hearing this I dropped to my knees and prayed for the son. He has his own Book of Mormon and our number. Rule is we can't teach him without permission from the mother, but I have faith in him because he is like a child, he knows what he wants and he will search diligently to find it. We are gonna try to continue to talk with them and clarify some things but in the meantime we just have to have faith that the Lord is going to rescue them. In fact, I know He will.

There is so much more I could say about this past week, but in few simple words I'll just say that 
this is the Lords work. He is building His Kingdom, miracles and tender mercies are everywhere because the Lord is so involved and loving in the lives of His children. Invite the spirit into your lives to help fully see and feel Gods love for you. You can do this by reading the Book of Mormon and praying. The basics, the simple acts. 

Love you all and thanks for the letters and emails and prayers!!


Sister Pollard

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